Thursday, January 20, 2011

Did they even listen to that song?

I was somewhat surprised to read a newspaper article today which extolled a new "hit" female singer over here in the UK as a great example for teenagers in the UK to look up to because although she is "cool" she does not drink or do drugs.

Wow sounds perfect doesn't she?

Well not quite.

Maybe they should have actually listened to her song before portraying here as a paragon of virtue as the song is called " Do it like a Dude" and seems to contain several sections that have to be "blanked" whilst the song is played on the radio. Of course that does count the rest of the lyrics which they can play which caused me to do a complete double take and stare at the radio when the song came on as I didn't think I had heard what I had done when the song started!

Wow all that makes me sound a bit OAP doesn't it? Maybe it's yet another indiciation that I'm getting old in that I can't understand the music for "the kids of today".

Or maybe I'm just reading too much into that. Who knows?

Well there's only one more day until the weekend and then my full week of holiday. To which I can only say
" sweet!"

Later folks

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