Sunday, January 16, 2011

On the move again

The YSA Sunday school class has moved once again. It seems that somewhat belately someone realised that sticking us in the top foyer and thus for all intents and purposes blocking that fire exit was not a good move on health safety grounds.

So where have they stuck us instead?

The kitchen.

Which is somewhat ironic considering that we were moving from the Foyer on Health and safety grounds to the one room that could be classified as more risky to us on Health and safety grounds!

Anyway, I was got a email from LDS Linkup today which reminded me that I hadn't visited the site in a while, so I thought I would go and have a look. It also turned out that none of my friends on the site have visited it for a while either. Probably because the cool kids (and me) only hung out there before facebook was invented :-)

Random thought of the day, if stingray was always launched from Pen 3 what was in Pen 1 and 2?

later folks


Alice Wills Gold said...

Meeting in the kitchen definitely has its advantages...somebody has got to eat that leftover icecream.

Saxon said...

if only we had any left off ice cream Alice, if only.