Friday, January 14, 2011

Philosophically speaking

I never used to really understand that often repeated statement that January is the "longest month", because well lets face it, it's neither longer then any other month and certainly not shorter.

However I did start to understand it when I started work and this January is certainly seeming to prove to be very long. Although that feelings probably not been helped by starting the year with two straight weeks of late.

But that's my own fault for being Chivalrous.

anyway it's the weekend now whic hmeans I have two full days to myself before I'm back to work next week for a week of earlys.

And after that I will be having a week off as I needed to use up the last of my Holidays before the end of the "holiday year" and to be quite frank it's one of the handful of time slots left!

Thanks for all of the suggestions regarding Pasta. I'm going to be picking a few extra bits whilst up shopping this weekend to see what I can come up with.


Later folks


Anonymous said...

I refute the very argument: October is clearly the longest month; 31 days +1 hour from daylight saving.

Saxon said...

technically yes, so I bow to your superior logic.