Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Any suggestions?

In my continuing efforts to keep to my resolutions I have made a change over the past week. I've switched to ceral instead of toast and instead of my usual packed lunch I have actually started to take pasta ( I have cooked myself no less) instead.

There are no problems so far but the only thing that does worry me is that my usual fussy eating habits apply to pasta sauce as well so I've only found one that I like.

Which does worry me that in a couple of weeks I might start to find myself in a groundhog style of mood and longing for my sandwiches, crisps and drink.

So I was wondering dear readers if any of you have any suggestion on how I can vary the pasta or what I can add to it to keep it more interesting?

Later Folks.


Malaysia 11 said...

Tomato Sauce
Cup-a-soups and then mix your pasta in it
Chicken Sauces

Saxon said...



drat said...

hey saxon! i make pasta all the time, and one cool thing to do is to make your own pasta sauce. I have a big blender, and throw in loads of fresh ingredients, Im a big fan of Tomatoes, so I overdose on them, and then mix in pepers, onions, chillis, maybe garlic, mushrooms, all kinds of veggies. that way its healthy, 5 a day and about zero calaries, no preservatives or anything. its so much fun and so easy to make your sauce, and just taste it before you add each ingredient so you know that you will like it!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Cream of Chicken soup.

Sautee some butter with garlic and mushroom and/or onion and sprinkle a little parmesan cheese on top. Yummy.

Saxon said...

hmm, the chicken soup sounds interesting Alice, I'll have to try that

Saxon said...

I'm starting slow with the veg Drat, I've been trying cucumber this week. With a few little bits of left over chicken it's come out rather nice.