Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tis a marvel thing

You know you wait ages for some picture then three come along at once.

Yes marvel studios have been busy little bee's and have released three pictures. First up is a ensemble picture from X-men: First Class ( and no that isn't the name of the first lesson of the day at xaviers school).

Set years before the "original x-men" films it focusses around the time Magneto and Professor X were still friends. James McAvoy ( yes that one I'm sure Nemesis and scully will be happy) is playing Professor X and the cast includes some well known characters such as Mystieque and the Beast and other less known ones such as Emma frost. ( that's her in the white and before you ask no her mutant power is immunity to catching colds whilst wearing very little :-)

Next up is Captain America.

In case you were interested ( or even if you're not ) it's the next film in the run up to the Avengers film. So you know how with Iron Man, Tony Stark then turned up in the incredible Hulk, and the Agent Colston will be turning up in Thor, well apparently there will be some sort of connection in Captain america to the other films. Apparently the guess is that it will be Tony Starks father.

But in the comics Nick Fury was around in the second world war, so who knows maybe we'll see Samuel L Jackson facing off againist the Nazi.

and finally we have the brand new spiderman.

which a few people have complained about as they say there is little point releasing a tease image for a film that is still a year and a half away. but if you think about it, it makes sense as sooner or later a spy on set was going to get a picture to it's better the studio release it on their terms.

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