Friday, January 21, 2011

That glorious old friday feeling

The trouble with having that Friday feeling when you wake up is you know you still have a day of work to get through before it's the weekend.

Fridays are usually very busy and today was no exception. Plus as it was my last day before my Holiday I was expecting it to be difficult as I had a lot to square away.

And boy I was not wrong when expecting it to be difficult. It was... In Spades!

Which is a odd expression really I must remember to look that up as to where it came from but I digress.

I think overall it has been a difficult week but it also was a good indication to me that I am ready for a good break as it were to recharge the batteries etc, etc.

You get the idea.

Apparently the US version of the Skins TV show is in big trouble as it's been accused of breaking child pornography laws over in the states. The most interesting thing I found though was that the show is supposed to be a direct copy of the UK version. There certainly are some differences between the US and UK aren't there?

I wonder what people think of the US version of shameless. We haven't heard much about that.


Later folks

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