Thursday, January 13, 2011


I'm still a big kid at heart ( no really! shocking I know :-) and there are just some things I will always find cool no matter what.

One of those things is the Thunderbirds series. Yes there were gapping plot holes such as how did they pay for all of the machines? But it was cool, you had this family living on desert island who flew all over the world saving people. ( I always like thunderbird 4 myself but I digress).

The movie was a very sad and wasted opportunity. Nobody wanted to see a group of kids running around trying to beat the bad guy. We wanted lots of shots of the Thunderbirds in action trying to rescue people from ridiculous disasters which would never actually happen in real life a fact of which we knew but didn't care about!

All this running through the earnest memories of my youth has a point in case you were wondering. It was announced this week that a new series of the Thunderbirds is in development and the original creater Gerry Anderson will be involved. YAAH!

Now if only it can avoid the fate of the new captain scarlett series that they made.

Later folks

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