Friday, January 07, 2011

Waiting for a new world

Well it's just been announced that the brand new series of Torchwood will be starting July. Oh I can't wait! Especially as with Chuck now moving to one of the paid digital channels there is a serious glut of anything sci fi based of terrestial or any of the freeview channels.

Okay well there are near enough constant repeats of star trek on Channel one, but there just boring as if you've seen them once.... well you've seen them how ever many times you've actually watched them.

The other clever bit of news was that Torchwood will be shown on the same day on both sides of the atlantic. So very little time or indeed point for anyone in the USA to bother trying to download a dodgy copy from the internet.

Well today was the end of the first week of work of the new year. Only lots more to go. I know I could probably figure out precisely how many by adding up all of my holiday entitlement and subtracting from the number of weeks in the year but I won't for two reasons. Mainly I'm too tired and not bored enough to even begin trying that.

I've been using the wii a lot this week as part of my new years resolutions. Now seeing as I don't have the spare cash this month to go out and buy the wii fit board, I've been using the fitness option in wii sports. Which has been proving fun even if my fitness age is bouncing around all over the place. If it's the boxing then I do great, better then great. It comes to the baseball I don't seem to be able to hit a thing and my fitness age plunges through the floor.

So what does this tell me?

Well if you ever decide to come after me with boxing gloves your in trouble but come after me with a baseball and I'm screwed.

Later folks.

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