Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Well she's Won that one

Well she may have only be writing her blog for a short while but Tap Dance has now stolen the family crown as it were for making a blog post from the country that is the most distance away from the UK. She is currently in Malaysia. You can see her blog post here

The best bit is that she's gone there with her work so she's not paying.

Alright for some!

It's been another stereotypical wednesday. By that I mean I hit the mid week hump good and proper.

Still the day was greatly improved when I managed to get bang up to date and had enough time left over to start helping somebody else on my team.

One of the team has also just come back from Australia and was telling us about the flight out there. She came out with one of the funniest lines I had heard in a while
" There was a really famous female celebrity on board."
"Really who was it?"
" Don't know, I've never heard of her"

The weeks theme of new for superhero movies continued with the announcment that Anne hathaway will be playing the new catwoman in the next Batman film.

well she can't be any worse then halle berry was. But then again she probably only sucked due to the fact that movie sucked as a whole.


Later folks

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