Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Knowing when to stop

I couldn't help but get have a feeling of " not again!" when I got up this morning to find that it was snowing. Fortunatly the snowfall ceased pretty quickly which was good as I didn't want to spend the first day of work in the new year worrying about what the drive home would be like!

Still during the wait for the bus I was playing with my new phone and generally getting all exciting about all of the shiny things it can do. I even tried logging into facebook and was pleased to see that has my phone has GPS I have that option of telling people where I am.

And that suddenly gave me pause.

I mean I could tell people where I am, but why would they want to know? And wouldn't it be obivious where I am during the working week? I mean it's obivous I would be at work isn't it?

Of course in emergencies it could be useful if someone needed to know where I was. It could be in situations such as " Saxon is stuck down this mine shaft" or " Saxon is in a traffic jam" or " Saxon is still at work" or it could even be used in more extreme circumstances as " saxon is now aboard the superdreadnought flagship of a alien race that has recruited him to help fight a galaxy spanning evil empre. Probably won't be home for dinner".

you get the idea.

Work was as busy as I was expecting and more so. But that made the time go a lot quicker. and it should mean that the week can only go upwards from here on out.

I hope.....

Later folks

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