Monday, January 10, 2011

The new in thing

There seems to be a new in thing on facebook at the moment and before you ask it's not to do with changing your profile picture to a cartoon character, passing messages along using your status updates or any sort of upgrade for Farmville, such as Farmville the next generatation, Farmville 2 'this time it's personal' or " Farmville in spaaccccceeeeeeeeee". ( wait hope I didn't give someone a idea with that last one.)

No the new in thing is a glut of programs where you can now see who is " stalking you" on facebook or to put it another way ( and somewhat more politely) who visits your profile page the most.

Well my first thought is that, well it's friends from your friend list who visit your page. See just saved you five minutes, now you can go and do something constructive.

My second thought ( wow two thoughts brains working overtime today) is that is knowing a double edged sword. What if someone who you consider a friend barely visits your page. How would you raise it with them? Would you get cross with them? " I know we see each other everyday but you never visit my facebook page! You are Dead to me" and also somewhat over dramatic as well.

What if you think somewhat visits your page too much?
" Why are you visiting my facebook page every day where I put information out in world wide domain for anyone to say. You are Dead to me!"

See this is the problem with double edged swords, the person who your swinging at is in trouble regardless of the edge :-)

Or maybe, just maybe would it actually be the case like when I tried it, it makes no difference to your day to day usuage of facebook at all.

Right I'm back off to facebook to see if anyone has decided to combine games and you can now lead your army of cows from your castle to invade someones cafe.

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