Sunday, January 02, 2011

Breaking the 4th Wall

The new series of Primeval started last night on ITV, and the series started off with a great in joke. One of the characters is played by an actress whose previous claim to fame was being part of the band s-club 7. Well in the course of the episode her character had to try and distract a dinosaur which was trapped in a arena, so she promptly turned on the sound system and blasted the dinosaur with Don't stop movin by S Club 7.

It was unfortunatly probably the best bit in a somewhat lack lustre season opener.

but c'est la vie hopefully it will improve from her on out.

The second stage of the sugar/caffine withdrawal has now kicked in. I.e I feel totally knackered! It made church a real struggle this morning I can tell you. However this should be over fairly quickly as the next stage will be the headaches that come next. Eek! Still I have nobody to blame but myself for having too much caffine and sugar to begin with.

As Grumpy was out today I had to take Owen for his afternoon walk, which didn't go so well as he decided he wanted to run across the road to pick a fight with a dog on the otherside. Now he wanted to mind you but he was still on the lead so I stopped him, but it took both hands and a lot of leaning back to stop him bolting. Which must have looked ridiculous due to the size difference between me and him, but for a small dog he has a hell of a lot of power!

Anyway, I have one more day of Holiday before it's back to work.

Later folks!


S club 7 fan club (hanna division) said...

hey saxon, so you are on the new years rezzos, good luck! I havent made any this year, maybe I should.

Whats the deal with you and caffine? I always remembered at school you never used to drink coke, because of your religion... whats the story with that. How come you drink so much you need to give up?

I knew a woman once that I used to work with who would drink loads of tea and coffe all day. She had a desk job, and someone was always making tea. She quit caffine 100% and after a few months her hair was seriously a lot fuller and her face and skin was a lot better, it was amazing, she looked about 4 or 5 years younger. So good luck with giving it up you will do well in the end mate!!!

also, I love that you get an sclub7 reference in there! I'll always have a soft spot for Hanna! Im her biggest fan!!

Saxon said...

well I didn't really drink that much, but it was still probably more then I should have.

Plus I figured it was the easiest and quickest thing I could do health wise