Monday, January 17, 2011

Not great timing

It seems that after many years faithful service our washing machine has decided to call a time out and stop working properly.

Which was somewhat unfortunate as it was in the middle of a wash for my work shirts at the time. Now I knew there would be no way to do and loaves and fishes trick to make two shirts last five days. Which did leave me somewhat worried, if only I was somebody who went to church on a regular basis so had some other white shirts anyway that I could use instead.....

oh wait a second.

As it turned out I will not have to worry as TapDance was able to put them through a wash at hers. Leaving us to sort out getting a repairman in. I'm trying to remain optomistic and that with a quick burst of engineering know how it will be fixed. But I guess we'l lsee.

Grumpy had one of the weirdest bits of junk mail I have ever seen arrive from china today. A free DNA testing kit, which you which you would need to send to Holland. So thats a DNA testing kit coming from china which you have to send back to Holland. I would find that baffling if I wasn't actually trying to figure out what the point of the test kit was to begin with.

Well it was a typical Monday with a vengence today at work, which although expected can be somewhat of a pain sometimes. Still at least here's only one Monday in a week which is good and that leaves the best day of the week Friday to come.

Although that does remind me of a story I read once, I think it was one of the Red Dwarf novels where a moon had a eight day week, with two Sundays to recover from the Saturday night parties.

That would be nice, a three day weekend.


Later folks


drat said...


That would be amazing!

Could be a real jeremy kyle show.....

Saxon.... you are NOT the father of OWEN!!!

"I wanna see the DNA test - I aint payin' no child support"

maybe my imagination is acting up again!

Saxon said...

yes, yes your imagination is.

Still Grumpy and I both agreed that if we had the £30 to spare it would be fun to send off Owens DNA to see if the "legimate" lab notices