Tuesday, January 25, 2011

That's one pricey coin

We finally had a repairman round today to try and fix the washing machine. It only took us so long though as we first had to figure out the correct sequence is which to take the sides boards out around the kitchen so the washing machine could be removed.

It was like a puzzle out of the crystal maze! But I digress and show my age as well but moving on...

Yes, after pulling the machine out, pulling the pump out and basically taking it apart he found the culprit wedged deep inside.

A 5 pence coin.

Yes, that's all it was. A 5 pence coin. Which now thanks to the call out charge and the amount of time the guy took to fix it, is now the most exspensive coin in the house!


Still shouldn't complain as it was cheaper then having to buy a whole new machine.


Later folks

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