Tuesday, August 29, 2006

YSA Convention final thoughts or " Hasn't he shut up yet"

So I'm sure that some of you might be getting the idea that I didn't enjoy things. Far, far from it. I had a absolutly fantastic time and I wished it had gone on for longer. But what did I get from this weekend.

Good Things :
A healthy appreciation for just how unbelievably cool the Leicester YSA are and I would not change them for anything in the world
I can now legimately say that there was a girl who had her hands over me and I'm not technically lying :-)
I can also say that another girl fell into my arms and also not be technically lying ( she slipped on a wet floor while in heels and I caught her.
I fulfilled my goal and talked to someone outside of the stake
I took part in all of the activities and only missed one due to unavoidable circumstances
I now understand the M56
good motorway practice
a weekend away from everything

bad things :
I didn't make friends enough with a new person to exchange email or mobile numbers.
I allowed some things to bug me immensly when I should have let it go.
I let my shyness over ride some urges to speak to people
I could have stayed up later and taken part in some of the 'unofficial activties'
I need to learn to stop and ask for directions sooner.

What I'll change for next years convention:
Get a new digital camera. our current one is rubbish
Take some cordinal and more munchies. Will help with the social aspect of things.
be more tolerent.
be more open and talk to new people. The worst they can do is to tell me to sod off.
Get footwear that doesn't collapse on me
Learn to ceroc.
beg, borrow, steal or just plain bribe someone to come with me as a passenger. That journey is long and boring by yourself

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