Tuesday, August 29, 2006

YSA convention day 4 morning" for whom the bell tolls"

MT who shall be from this moment on be referrered to as Enginseer ( He'll get the reference, it's not bad honest) once again didn't appear for breakfast, or anyone else for that matter so I decided to head for breaky myself. Then again hardly any other YSA showed, the dining hall was very empty. Not that the staff gave us any extra breakfast mind you. It was a very poor showing at the devotional as well, a fair chunk of YSA seemed to be MIA. Gee I wonder where they could have been. * Cough* still in bed * cough, cough* :-)

Well the first class of the day was Indian Head and hand massage. The only person I knew in the class was sw who shall now be known as Traveler and she already had a partner, so I ended up with a girl called Emma who came from a town as obscure as mine is. It was a little awkward to begin with but I think that was the same for most people in the class. The girls learnt the 'head' massage part and practiced on the guys, Emma was very good and almost put me to sleep many times. The guys then practiced the hand massage side of things on the girls. We were able to sign up later to get copies of diagrams sent to us via email. Not that I've got anyone to practice on mind you but hey it might be a a useful skill for some point in the future. ( it's my little known special skill, I'm very good and shoulder and neck massages, and I could explain how I discovered that, but then we would be here for another 10 pages. Suffice to say it was at uni and we'll leave it at that :-) All too soon the class was over and we had to move on.

The second class of the day was the ' Knowing me, knowing you class'. I.e speed dating. The trouble was many, many more people turned up then there should have been so it got very difficult to hear anything as there was so many people. The organizers were going round with 'stamps' of hearts and kisses and randomly stamping people. I was got at least twice so goodness knows what I ended up looking like. No there is no photographic evidence before you ask. At least I hope there isn't. At the end we had a envelope with our name on the front and had to write the name of anyone we liked on the back. I've still got no idea what the point of that was. But as before the class ended all too soon and we had to run across campus for the closing ceremony.

Which again was fantastic. Both Bro Rigby and Bro king said this was the last year and there was real sense of sadness at that, but it also gave me a great feeling of loss because I've missed previous years and made me wonder what exactly I've missed. There was all the usual thanks etc to everyone, and then a group sang a song from the previous nights musical. Which was amazing because a large percentage of the YSA used their LED keyrings and were waving them back and forth ala lighters at concerts. I wish I'd been able to get a picture and or video of it. And then it was officially over.

We wandered back to the main OP to pick up our lunch, hand in our keys etc. Now at this point a plan was supposed to come into effect. A very cunning plan but as you all know how good the YSA r at planning it didn’t come off. Which lead to me hanging around for 50 minutes. Which was annoying. I might have mentioned one or two words of frustration under my breath which I really shouldn’t have and would have probably got me in real trouble if any leaders had heard me. But as there wasn’t a lot I could do about it I simply shrugged and heading off to the carpark. I suppose I could have stood and moaned some more but that wasn’t going to get me closer to home any sooner was it?

I ran into enginseer to get directions back to the M56 as I didn't want to go on a magical mystery tour yet again coz that wouldn’t have been fun. I said goodbye to RN at was heading towards the car when I ran into social and A. A noticed I had a copy of the photo from Saturday night and wanted her copy. I explained that SL had, had them but he had gone. She then started moaning at me ( however I hasten to add that that to me she appeared to be moaning, in all probability she wasn’t but as I wasn’t in the best of moods that’s how it appeared to my judgment which to be perfectly frank isn’t all that good )
and said that she wanted her photo now as she wouldn't see SL. For some reason this fantastically annoyed me and I snapped back at her that SL was gone and there was nothing I could do about it. She looked a little taken back and social did shoot me a look which I know I totally deserved as I had no right to take my frustration out on A. So I better apologize to her next time we meet.

Well the trip home went okay, despite me getting lost around stoke and having to turn round . It took about 2 and a half hours to reach home. Not all that bad. I discovered grumpy had been ill so hadn't got any shopping in and also hadn't done any washing up, or hung the washing out. So a nice pile of dirty dishes and smelly washing awaited. Oh well. I then discovered the reason why my feet were hurting so badly, the soles on my trainers had 'collapsed' at the heel and had been digging into the back of my ankles. I didn't realize quite how badly until I treating a blister and more blood came out then pus. That hasn't happened before and was a little unsettling. I cleaned it and dressed it and hoped it's not going to become infected. which it shouldn't as I'm going to keep treating it with antiseptic for the rest of the week. Did learn one final important lesson though. first aid kits work a lot better when you can find them :-)

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