Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Well now I know what a borg feels like, as all I've got at the moment floating around my head are numbers. Which considering the lack of anything else in my head such as brains, means they have a awful lot of room to float round in. And why have I got numbers floating around my head the one or two of you who actually read thing ask? Well I'll tell you, in fact I would have said anyway without anyone asking, because if you didn't ask I would sound like my ramblings were madder then ever and me look stupid, but wait technically none of you did ask that question so I have made myself look stupid. So whoops too late there.

Right, yes sorry back onto my point as tedious and small it maybe. It's that time again where I have to sort out external products to send to authors, reviewers, distributors etc, which although it takes a bit of time isn't usually that bad. However this month there were 10 different books to sort out. So I was having to input the same 11 sets of eleven digit number sequences, going through the same seven screens on the order system somewhere in the region of 85 times. To say I was a bit boze eyed at the end of it, would be a rather large understatement. I was able to input the codes without checking them by the end and then the numbers decided to spend the rest of the day flying around in my head, which was nice of them. Fortunately it only gets that bad with samples once a year, otherwise It would reduce me to a gibbering wreck. Okay, okay more of a gibbering wreck then usual.

Lds linkup update. I'm up to the 'huge' total of 11 friends, but I still only two comments, which means people haven't got round to it yet or maybe I'm just indescribable. Wait would that be a good or a bad thing???

Love life update. Well I don't really need to do this bit is it? It's not like you can't guess :-) I think I really need to borrow that books of E's that she was recommending. ( ask her if you want to know)

Grumpy did actually get a new mobile over the weekend. Hurrah!! Downside it has about several dozen options which I'm sure he'll never use. He is starting to get the hang of txt messaging and doesn't want my help with things as he wants to do everything himself but after he really annoyed me by taking my paper before I had a chance to read it yet again, I changed his message alert tone to the tune " The sugar plum fairy", so as he has his phone on loud every time he gets a message everyone in the vicinity can hear it. He, he, he, he. he's refusing to ask for help, but I'm fairly sure he'll cave before the end of the week. It was a petty thing to do I know, but hey it is funny at the moment :-)

Oh I realized that in all my moaning yesterday I failed to mention how the film was on Friday night. Lets put it this way. It was a frustratingly annoying film not because it was bad, which it was, but because there was potential for it to be so much better. But hey at least there were some good trailers and it gave me the chance to spend sometime with the wonderful young ladies of the YSA which more then made up for the disappointing film. It also was good to get out of the house on a Friday night although I still managed to get in earlier then grumpy. What the heck is up with that? I still have no idea where he's going. He's convinced I'm still spying for Mum or sumthing.



Nemesis said...

You know, I have like 60 friends on that thing and only 7 comments. So you probably don't need to fret. As far as averages go, you're doing great! :-)

Also, I think the trick you played with your dad's ringer is great.

Also also, more people read this than you think. That's what lurking is all about! You should pretty much assume that anyone could end up on here. Because they could.

Saxon said...

averages? Arggh that's math talk and I'm terrible with math. Nooooooooooooooo

He still hasn't fixed the ringer :-)