Friday, August 11, 2006

Deja vu all over again.

Well for the second night running I was talking to a person on messenger, different person from last time though and got the same question as the previous evening.
" Why are you single?"
Once again my response was exactly the same.
" I don't knowwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!"
Everybody make it sound so easy like as a YSA you should just be able to click your fingers and you've got a instant gf. I don't know, maybe I missed the institute class where they taught that trick which might explain a lot actually. But who knows.

Well grumpy has changed his mind yet again. I was speaking to S last night, as in A + S, not Sw or Sw ( I really need to think up codenames for more of them because this is starting to confuse me and I'm the one who's writing this thing) and he said to say hello to grumpy. well when I passed this on grumpy wasn't interested and said that he wasn't bothered as he had nothing to do with them now, that was over with, they weren't part of his family. Which to be honest I was bit surprised and this outburst and didn't know what to say without starting a huge row as this is the same guy who a couple of weeks ago was moaning that he didn't get a invite to tea at J+T and said that they had chosen to cut off contact with him and not let him see the kids and it wasn't his decision. But now when a member of the 'extended' family says hello he says he wants nothing to do with them. I'm so confused............. it's like he has a attention span of a child I swear. I'm sure He's probably going to have changed his mind yet again next week. I dunno maybe he has a D10 (that's a 10 sided dice for all you non geeks out there) that he's rolling once a week to see what he's going to think this week etc. Which although unlikely might make things marginally more understandable.

Well I should be going to the cinema this evening with some of the other ysa to see my 'super ex girlfriend' and before any smart comments from anyone it's a film. Yes I realize the chances are that it could turn out to be a chick flick but hey even so I don't want to turn down a opportunity to spend sometime with the fantastic and lovely ladies of the YSA. Although as grumpys running off with the car I will need to get a lift, however this is the only negative point and hey for the first time in a while I'll be out on a Friday night and chances are I'll get home after grumpy for once and to be honest the way it should be :-)

My money issues should ease a little tomorrow as grumpy is actually going to give me a Cheque for some petrol and half the cost of recent repairs I had done. ( only fair). It's not enough to make me feel complete easy till the end of the month but it should get me by :-) However he's main concern for tomorrow is buying himself a new mobile, but after the initial surprise he has reverted to form and in his words " Wants a cheap one", why am I not surprised.

And with just over a week to go to my birthday he still hasn't asked me what I would like. which means he either has forgotten, he hasn't but is planning to surprise me, or he'll remember next Saturday and the panic will kick in. I think there a remote chance that it's possibility 2 but possibility 1 and 3 are joint neck and neck for the likely outcome.

But as always I guess we'll see.


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