Thursday, August 24, 2006

Forget Zoidberg, The boss is king!

Don't worry people, I haven't suddenly gone off futurama and starting sucking up to the boss. However my boss has done something very cool. As a large part of the office will be out on training tomorrow afternoon and I have the convention he's going to let me leave work early in the afternoon. Yaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! That's great and it means I should........ no wait a second almost fated myself then. I was going to say something and realized in time that if I did the opposite was going to happen. So good save there, good save :-)

This weekend is going to be so cool, I'm not sure why but I haven't felt this excited to be going to something in a while ( before any smart comments my birthday party doesn't count, I mean excited in this sense in a different sense as opposed to the party sense. Everybody understand that? Good! Can one of your explain it to me then because I am now totally confused :-)
So assuming I don't get totally lost and survive the fun of the M6 I'm sure I'll have a great time and for once I mean that phrase in a totally non sarcastic way.

Nemesis, E and ES are due back from Prague tomorrow. I wonder if they survived the holiday and by that I mean the people of the Czech republic :-) ( yeap, I agree, I too think I'm probably dead when they read that ). Umm it was also majorly raining last night on the way home, but not as bad as the mega rain we had a little while ago. Ironically as it was so overcast this morning I decided against handing any washing on the line and as I'm sure you've already guessed we've had blazing sunshine all day. ';*^%!"£$%^$%&*$%^ weather!!

LDS Linkup update. I'm up to 12 friends and still only two comments. Love life update, well I'm sure you can all guess. I'm counting the days until next Thursday when I can order the Calvin and Hobbes set, I really, really, really can't wait. Also I'm planning to pop to Ikea too to get a new bookcase which should solve all my storage problems. I know I should get rid of some books but I'm one of these people who find it really, really hard to chuck/give anything away Although I am probably going to have to be really tough with myself and have a massive clear out soon.

Well that's about it for today. I really can't think of much to say for some reason,

so later!

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