Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I've had it with that question

Well it's pay day tomorrow. Yaaaa!!!!!!!!!! I finally have some cash again. But back to the point I'm sure your wondering which question I'm referring to.

Well it a effort to make the maximum use of my resources I used the scanner at work so I could scan in a copy of the Leicesterites who were at the ball at the YSA conference ( It's in the post below if you haven't noticed it.) One of the design team had quick look and made a comment along the line s of he was glad to see I wasn't exaggerating when I had said on the way out of the door on Friday that I would be spending the weekend with many beautiful ladies. . He then asked which was I was dating and when I admitted none, he came out with my oh so favorite question " Why are you single?" I simply smiled grimly and said I didn't know whilst resisting the urge to use the scanner to batter him round the head. From the look on his face I'd say he pretty quickly realized that he hadn't just put his foot in it, he'd put on combat boots, gone to the top of the building and leapt off landing in it. I wish it, I really wish that it would be as easy to solve as everyone seems to think, as it is starting to get a little embarrassing that grumpy is having more luck then me! Oh who am I kidding it's getting very embarrassing, even if though he started that in a attempt to be spiteful and it has since developed into what seems like a game of tit for tat. Although to be honest I've completely giving up what's trying to go on there. So to get back onto the point, if it is as simple to solve as everyone makes out someone let me know how pleaseeeee!!!!!

Well Grumpy was moaning last night that the house was starting to smell. I asked him in what way. He said that the kitchen spelt of wet washing and was getting worse and he had no idea why. I then pointed out the large basket of washing that I had left for him to put out over the weekend and he hadn't. There was a long pause, and then he argued that I hadn't pointed out to him that it needed to be put out. Apparently I shouldn't have assumed that he would notice it and that a wet laundry smell wouldn't lead him to the basket of wet laundry. Go figure! He also then complained later that the house still smelt and now matter how much he sprayed this air freshener/neutral oder stuff the house still smelt the same. I couldn't smell anything so he described the smell to me and I immediately realized what the problem was. The smell he was trying to get rid of by constantly spraying the air freshener around was in fact ( yes you've guessed it) the smell of the air freshener. I think there's only one word for this and that is D'OOHHH!!

The new series of "Supernanny" started last night, or as it should be titled "Supernanny - why I'm so very very glad their not my kids". Well the first episode was, well there's no other word to describe it apart from horrifying! Particruly with one child where the mother told him that she would be glad when he went into a home! What the .......! As the saying goes it was pure car crash TV.

anyway after all the massive amount of writing yesterday I can't think of anything else to say so


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