Friday, August 25, 2006

Today's the day

Well just a short entry for today. In a few hours I'll be hitting the road on the way up to Manchester. I'll be keeping notes all weekend, so I'll probably do some 'retrograde' posts on Monday/Tuesday time. One thing I did discover last night though was that it appears Mum has taken the smallish suitcases so I've had to use the only ones we have left. Which are Huge!!!! It looks like I'm going for three weeks not three days! So I think I'll try and wait for a quiet moment to sneak it up to my room or where ever it is we're going to be sleeping.

Nemesis has checked in on her blog so they made it back from Prague alright (well duhh!) . I've also just been reading the newspaper over lunch and realized not only am I going to miss the start of the new Simpson's series on Ch4, I'm going to miss the Shield again for the third week in a row. aright. Not that I would rather be at home watching it you understand it's just mildly annoying to miss it three weeks in a row. I would ask Grumpy to record it but knowing what he's like with technology I'd probably end up with him recorded east enders for me instead!

Well that's it for now.


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