Thursday, August 10, 2006

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Yes after having a talk with grumpy last night I got a mite concerned that we might be getting a visit from the inquisition. Because Grumpy even more of a techno luddite then me when it comes to phones has decided he's going to upgrade his phone to one of the latest models. That was bit of a shock to say the least, remember this is a man who refused to upgrade his computer for eight years and has trouble sometimes turning subtitles on, on the TV. Yet he's decided he wants a more modern phone. I half way suspect he'll be insisting that I swap phones with him before the month is out :-)

I was going to go off on a ramble about the days events but figured there was no point as most of the media have made the blindingly obvious facts. However one thing I shall say it's been very difficult to keep a open mind and not become all paranoid as I did watch V for vendetta last night. ( if you've watched the film you'll that reference. If you haven't watched it. why haven't you? it's great!)

Umm asides from that it's a bit of a odd day. The day seems to have flown by, but also not much seems to have happened. I know I've not explained that very well but I'm sure you all know what I mean and have had days like that yourself.

Well grumpy is in a fairly good mood at the moment. I think it's probably got something to do with mum being on Holiday so he hasn't been dragged into a blazing argument every other day. It's also felt weird as well because I've got so used to going home and being keyed up for him being in a bad mood and her and mum having had some sort of argument, to know that I'm going to get home and nothing like that will have happened. Well it's nice but it's also weird as well. Argghhh, again to explaining myself very well but I'm sure you all get the gist of it. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and hope that his good mood last beyond her coming back from holiday but if I want to be brutally honest with myself there's probably not much chance of that.

Well there's no denying it now, I'm 25 a week on Sunday. no matter how much I still want to be in my 'teens'. I suppose on the plus side for my birthday next year I can copy J and just throw a massive freak out and run around the place moaning about how I'm closer to 30 then I am 20. joy :-)

I was talking to one of my old penpals who I have kept in contact with on and off since I was about 13 on MSN last night, just generally catching up and all. She's a lovely lady with one slightly problem that she has no subtly or tact whatsoever. It's not a case that she'll put her foot in it, more that she run up to the roof and leap off in a attempt to land init with both feet while wearing boots. Well you get the idea. Well she decided that she wanted to steer the conversation onto my love life. Or lack of one. The conversation went something roughly a long these lines. ( her part of the conversation is in bold)

How's your love life?
Ummm same as always.
You mean you still don't have one?
That would be correct.
What do you mean why?
Why don't you have one?
Well if I knew the answer to that, I could solve it and would have one?
Well true but you must have some idea?
Again no.
I still can't believe you haven't found a gf?
you and me both.
Are you sure you don't know?
again, it's a reason I have pondered on for quite sometime and again if I knew I could fix the problem?
Oh right. It's just strange that all?
What do you mean strange?
That you don't know.
No, your right I do know. I've just decided not to change and get rid of this reason as I'm fond of a life of being single and alone.
Why r u getting so touchy?
Oh can't imagine why
R u being sarcastic with me?
no wouldn't dream of it.
because there would be no point as you can't get sarcasm.
oh ha, ha, ha, ha.
Well at least you think I'm still funny.
Yep and I'm still.....
don't finish that sentence.
but I'm intrigued and confused.
We've finished that line of conversation.
says you
Have you tried asking the girls why?
well maybe if you asked the girls why your still single they could give you some pointers?
well have you considered it?
why not?
Well because I'm not insane, I've not been sniffing glue and I would like to keep the small shred of self confidence and dignity I have.
Well if you don't ask.......
I don't make myself look like a idiot.
Hmmm. Not quite what I was going to say.
but the only thing I was going to hear.
Is there stiff competition from the other guys in the YSA?
Stiff competition? Why would there be coz lets see, as a 25 year old still living at home with one of his parents who are in the middle of a bitter break up which is really putting me down at the moment, into sci-fi and computers and working as a customer services assistant for a company who makes toy soldiers so I spend my days talking about soldiers and fantasy worlds, I can't possibly see how that could be any stiff competition from other ysa guys there. It's not like any of them have really cool jobs like being a lawyer or studying to be a engineer, life away from home and don't dance the way the incredible hulk walks. Oh wait........
Your being sarcastic again aren't you?
congratulations you've just got your first piece of sarcasm.
Well, cheer up . As they say there is someone for......
finish that cliché and I'll get very upset with you.
Oh touchy!!!!!
Look you started this line of conversation.
so this is my fault.
oh okay. .......

( and at that point the conversation went of on a totally different tangent about food and drink in museums. Don't ask! Oh and despite apaprences we are still talking to each other. This is just how a lot of our conversations go :-)


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