Monday, August 14, 2006

waiting for the sword of Damocles

Well you would have though that I knew better by now, that I really, really wouldn't be as stupid to think certain things. But unfortunately I did decide to think that things seemed to be getting better so fate/sod/murphy whatever you refer to it as decided to teach me a lesson for thinking that.

Oh great, I hear you all thinking. What precisely has caused this latest bout of self pity. Well I discovered at the weekend that Mum has found a new house, place to rent etc as J has now sold her house and will shortly be moving out. Which is a good thing, don't get me wrong, as she is moving on with things. However if things were that simple we wouldn't have a problem now would we? The problem I have now and it's a HUGE one and is one I discovered via J. Mum doesn't like grumpy going round J old house to drop things off for her or to get her to sign things, so she doesn't want him to know where she's going to be living and she doesn't want me to tell him. Right okay. Just excuse me one moment.


Okay sorry about that. This I do not believe. It's been hard enough being stuck in the middle but now she decides to go and do this. Yes I understand that she wants to be getting on with her life and make a fresh start etc, but has she got any idea what this will do to Grumpys mood. Forget a volcano he will EXPLODE. and what in the bloody hell am I supposed to do,
" Oh sorry not allowed to tell you, oh and if I do pop round to see her would you mind terribly staying home so I can be sure your not following me. "
Or maybe she's going to change her mind again and then tell him later, which if that happens forget grumpy I'm gonna flip out. They can't go on like this, it's something I never wanted to hear but one of them sooner or later is going to have to mention the D word because things really, really can't keep going on like this for everyone's sake.

Unfortunately Grumpys mood wasn't helped yesterday (accidentally mind you) by the home teachers. L grabbed me at church to ask if it would be okay for them to come home teaching. I was mindful of what happened last time, so I decided to hedge my bets and say I wasn't sure and that I needed to check. He said fine and he would call later to confirm. When I got home for lunch I checked with grumpy who moaned and wanted to know why they were coming again, he didn't see why he should have to see them as they were from 'my' church not his. He said it was fine for them to come but he probably wouldn't come down. So he stomped around for the rest of the day obviously keyed up for when they would arrive. But they didn't turn up and I didn't get a call from L either. So either this means they will come next week, L got the wrong end of the stick, or he forgot and assumed I was supposed to be ringing him. Either way, this accidentally worsened grumpys bad mood.

Not that I was in the best of moods myself yesterday and in hindsight I could have handled things better. The priesthood lesson was so boring. I zoned out at the beginning and I think that I can honestly say that's the first lesson I've come out of, that I've had no idea what so ever of what the lesson was about. Sunday school was only marginally better. The teacher asked us at the end of the lesson why we were so quiet etc, and we not participating in the discussion more. Well two reasons spring to mind. The first is it is a very bad habit we got into with the last teacher, and secondly for me, I'm always a little worried that if I do say something I'll either get it wrong, or it will seem like a very basic answer which will make me look like a idiot in front of the others, because some of the people In the ysa class r waaaaayyyyyy smarter then me. MR was called as the new ward male ysa rep. Ironically that calling was only 'free' due to the bishopric thinking that MT was gone for good.

The trouble after sacrament was most of the other YSA were busy talking to other people and to be honest I'm not the kind of person who will just force their way into other peoples conversation. Never have been, never will be,unfortunately when I was attempting to talk with C and a couple of other YSA did butt into our conversation and she was talking to them. If it had been any other day I supposed I was have stood there and been patient but when your trying to have a personnel conversation with someone and then someone comes and interrupts taking the conversation over leaving you standing there like a lemon and your in the mood I was in you don't exactly handle it with tact. In other words I just left without saying a word.

D'oh, D'oh, D'oh, D'oh, D'oh,

I could have handled that it a lot better couldn't I? I don't know why but the whole thing fantastically annoyed me and I had to just get outta there. I'm just going to make sure that I apologize to C next time I see her and explain I was trying to be purposefully rude. I hope she understands.

anyway later!


Nemesis said...

Dude. If your mom doesn't want your dad to come to her house, she can get a restraining order.

I repeat: This should not be your problem.

Saxon said...

well it doesn't look like it will be a problem much longer ya! Downside theres a very good chance something else will replace it.