Thursday, August 31, 2006

They'll kill me for this

He, he, he. Well after all of the writing this week I'd thought I'd do something different and show you some pics. And what better way to start it off then to show you some pics of Nemesis and ES. So later.
(Once they see these. I am so dead)


Nemesis said...


You did NOT.

At least my hair looks good.

Saxon said...

oh yes I did :-)

btw if anyone does find whats left of my body after nemesis and ES are finished with it, I would like to be buried :-)

cordelia said...

I cannot believe you put those photos up!! cant believe you even took them!! tut tut tut.. oh well .. life goes on. im sure there are worse ones somewhere in this world

Saxon said...

careful. Thats sounds like a challenge for people to try and find them :-)

Sam Liddicott said...

You need to label your pics, so it's easier for folk to caption themn when you have more than one pic per post.

steph emma1.0.png
Chris: (thinks) They'll kill me for this...

steph emma2.png
Nemesis: I'll kill you for this
Cordelia: (thinks) He's so dead

Saxon said...

duely noted. The latest pics all have labels :-)