Tuesday, August 22, 2006

it's all gone retrograde

Whoops. Another long break between blog postings. Gonna have to keep an eye on that as I don't want it become the norm.Right so lets think, where was I with regards to posts?

Oh right that was it. Well I had to get up real early on Saturday even though I didn't want to as we had to go and get some shopping. I had only got to bed in the early hours of Saturday morning, as I got mega lost on the way home. I think I just missed a turn or two in the dark and ended up on a magical mystery tour of most of Leicester's countryside, and it didn't help that there was a lot of fog around. Yes you heard that right and I'll say it again for those of you who still don't believe I said it. There was fog. We're still in summer and there was fog on the roads.

So the shopping was a little more expensive then usual mainly because as I'm off on the YSA convention next week Grumpy wouldn't have the car to do the shopping, so I was getting extra of all of the main things so he only has to get bread, butter, veg etc next week. And what are the chances of him getting that right, shall we guess children?? We then had to rush back Home as I was going out for lunch and unfortunately this was another instance of me having to be 'technically truthful'. J +t and A + S and their respective broods were planning to take me to lunch at pizza hut for my birthday, but I knew that if Grumpy knew this he would throw a paddy and I didn't want anything to spoil it. So I said that it was some YSA who were taking me out for some food. Well they had done, sort off but that had been the night before. So he seemed happy with this. ( I know this all sounds incredibly complicated, just try being stuck in the middle of it.)

So off I went to pizza hut. when I got there however I discovered that fate had decided to play a part and A + S's car had broken down shortly after they had left home so they couldn't make it. Which was sad but on the positive side at least they were close to home. J seemed to feel guilty over this for some reason and got my phone and tried calling some YSA to see if anyone was around, which they weren't, but I wasn't surprised as it was a Saturday after all. So it was just the five of us there, however it was a extremely good meal and I even got another cake out of it. Ya!!! Jb decided he wanted to come home in my car, which prompted some awkward questions from him along the lines of " Why are you going slow along this road" so I explained about speed limits which then prompted the question " Do you have a different speed limit to mummy and daddy because they always drive a lot faster along this road" Oops, queue long awkward silence as I desperately tried to think of a good excuse which wouldn't lead to J + T having a little voice from the back of the car telling them when they were going to fast. Fortunately a passing ice cream van distracted him and he seemed to forget about the question. Hopefully for good, so his uncle Saxon doesn't say the wrong thing and get in trouble with his Mum.

In the afternoon I helped J move stuff from Mums old house, which was J's old house to her new house, the one I can't tell grumpy where it is. Although there's a very good chance he's going to stumble across it anyway. It is a very, very nice cottage, complete with Sky and everything ( might have to pop round to watch new season of galactica me finks, he, he, he, he). Although moving all her books was a absolute pain. As most of them were her counseling books, they were extremely heavy and about as far from pocket sized as you can get. Unless you happen to be a 50ft tall giant. Which as far as I'm aware most people ain't.

So Sunday rolled round and the day was finally here. I couldn't fight it any longer, I was now officially 25. I had a huge pile of cards to go through and grumpy did actually remember it was my birthday. He got me one of those cards with a ('voice message/impersonation thingy) in and £30 of big w vouchers. I got £25 of virgin vouchers and a book from mum, a CD from J + T, £30 of Amazon vouchers from A + S ( to go towards that Calvin and Hobbes collections) , a cute little key ring thingy from Jen ( one of the YSA) and a packet of indoor sparklers from miss sparkle. So all in all rather then the incredibly sucky birthday I feared it turned out to be a fantastic one. Although one thing did happen which slightly marred the day, but I'll got into that later.

church was okay. I have to admit for the second week running I totally lost track of the priesthood lesson and can't remember what it was about. Our teachers is a great guy and he is trying but he just doesn't have the spark/skill to be a great teacher. Our YSA Sunday school lesson was great, although I still don't like saying anything in class as everyone else is wayyyy smarter then me, I still worry I'll sound like a total Muppet if I say anything. SW is back from Thailand this week and both here and the other SW will be going to the convention. Meanwhile Nemesis, E and ES have all gone off to Prague for a little holiday. So YSA wise I think it will be a quiet week, although not altogether unsurprisingly so. ( if that makes any sense). One thing I did try, was to see if anyone wanted a lift to convention because I suddenly realized that Manchester is a long way and I'd rather have someone along to talk to, as it's not much fun driving by yourself. unfortunately I've left it too late as everyone already have lifts or made plans to go together so oh well. Here's hoping I don't bore myself to sleep.

Right, onto the 'thing that marred', wow that's sounds like a film title or something, right anyway, I would give you three guesses to who caused this but your only going to need one. Yes that's right grumpy. Who decided to throw a complete strop/bad mood because mum wouldn't come round the house to see me, and was going to see me at Jill's. So off he went on his usual ranting for quite sometime until he blurted something out he hasn't mentioned before. Once he retires next year he doesn't not want to stay in the house so he is going to sell it and in his words "you can either get a place or my own or move in with your mother", and as the latter is unlikely, it looks like I'll me having to find my own place sometime next year. It wasn't the sort of surprise I was really hoping for on my birthday, a " Thanks for everything, don't let the door hit you on the way out" thing. I'm not sure where it will be. If I did get a place in Nottingham it would massively cut back on petrol bills for the car but it would mean that I'd be outside of Leicester stake and things are going so well with Leicester YSA I desperately want to avoid that, so I'll try looking in loughborough or one of the out lying towns or villages along the edge of the stake. But that's a moot point at the moment because I can't really look for a place when I don't have to move in until next year. It's something for the new year, so it's already safe to say that 2007 will be a lift changing year. I just hope any other life changing events next year are good ones, and no more bad ones, hey :-)

anyway. later!

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