Friday, August 04, 2006

Reasons to be cheerful, erhhhh you find any let me know

Yes I'm still in that wonderfully 'good@ mood everyone, which was so helped by the fact that DL failed to appear to go home teaching yet again. So I had to spend half a hour standing around in my suit for no reason. This time round when organizing it I ever tried telling his wife so she could remind him, as DL can be a little scatty brained. But that didn't work either which means I'm probably going to be in line for another ear bashing from the Elders quorum president on Sunday when I have to fill in our home teaching report. So far we're on 100% failure rate to go out. I'm sure we must be setting some sort of record. Although I have to admit that I might not be a diplomatic as I should be if the elders quorum president has a go at me again. My reply will probably go something onlong these lines

" Oh gosh darn and blast it. Have we really not gone out so far this year old boy. Terribly frustrating isn't it. but rather then constantly harping on at me it might be better to talk to DL as the senior partner as he's the one not turning up or forgetting as he's totally scatter brained sometimes. Thank's for understanding there old chap."

( note it's' highly unlikely that I will actually use this precise sort of language but I think you get the gist of the point I'll try to get across. I.e stop moaning at me, it's not through want of trying!)

I have successfully resisted the urge to watch anymore of big brother. Unfortunately though the radio station I listen to insists on playing the best 'clips' each morning. I will resist, I will resist.............. But I have to admit that they played one of the best clips ever this morning. one of the contestants saying " I'm glad we're learning sign language for the task as this means I'll be able to use it to talk to the next blind person I meet" Words fail me. They really do.

Well it looks like another night in, in front of the computer for me tonight as grumpy is borrowing the car to go for a 'drink' with one of his 'friends'. I really have no idea why he is still using those terms as I know exactly what he's doing. Although I have to admit it is infinitely depressing that grumpy is out on a date on a Friday night and I'll be stuck at home. There's just something 'wrong' with that. It should be the other way round darn it! But I suppose it does say awful lot about me that it is this way round to begin with :-( But oh well. Ce'st la vie.

It was a shock to realize that I'll be 25 in 16 days. I've been alive quarter of a century, how scary is that? I really don't feel that old. Although I suppose we all still feel like kids at heart. Uni seems like such a long time ago. It;s strange but I find it really east sometimes to forget I have a degree and sign by name with the initials BA after it. Maybe I should change my profile to Saxon_uk BA?????? Yeah I know stupid plan.

I know when I was 12 I definitely didn't think I would be where I am today. I was thinking along the lines of something cool, like a engineer in the RAF, living in my house somewhere along with my wife and a couple of kids. I definitely did not imagine myself as a customer services assistant, working in Nottingham, still leaving at home with one parent and never having had a proper gf. Oh well, I suppose it's a very lucky person who grows up to fulfill their childhood dreams.

Right well I think I'd better leave that there before it sounds like I'm on my deathbed or sumthing. I suppose I'll just keep doing what I usually do, plowing on and meeting each day as it comes and hope that the saying that ' there's someone out there for everyone' is true and I'll run into her soon.

so later!

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