Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I did it, I did it!

Yes everybody prepare yourselves for a shock. not only did I manage to drag myself out of bed when my alarm went off and didn't hit the snooze button, I actually left the house ten minutes early so I could get to work early and what a difference ten minutes makes. I actually arrived 15 minutes earlier then usual and that was with a stop for petrol too. Don't ask me how that happened I have no idea. Maybe if I leave ten minutes earlier I fall through a hole in the space time continuum that sped my journey up?? I guess it'll just be one of those great mysteries of life.

I stopped for petrol at the 'cheap' petrol station on the way to work. It's only a mere 96.9p. "Only he says" I remember the good old days when it used to be 70 pence ( yes, yes starting to feel old).

Well I spoke to Mum this morning. She was having trouble getting hold of grumpy and wanted to see if he had taken the day off or not. Which he hasn't because he appeared to have gone to work this morning as his bag and lunch were gone and I'm fairly confident he hadn't just taken them upstairs to hide the fact he was taking a 'secret' day off, mainly because I don't think he would have thought to hide such obvious clues :-)

But regardless of that their back to arguing at the minute, or more precisely they've managed to get themselves caught in a vicious circle. The last time grumpy spoken to Mum dad things were said. So Mum has avoiding speaking to him as she doesn't want another row. But then grumpy s getting more annoyed and upset that he hasn't heard from her. So undoubtly they next time they talk, willing or due to due to something they need to sort out more bad words will be said and then the whole cycle begins again. and to be perfectly honest I'm getting a bit fed up about it. Both of them are making each other more miserable at the moment, but neither of seem willing to 'quit' doing it. Whether intently on grumpys part or accidentally on Mum's part who is trying to do things with the best of intentions.

I suppose what I find more sad is that nobody at church asks after either of them anymore. They used to but I suppose after four months they are getting used to Mum not being there. I have to admit for the first few weeks I thought that asides from a handful of people, no one knew. Then I had my interview with the bishop and he asked after the family and said that he knew Mum had moved out. It was to use a horrible cliché like one of those moments which seemed to stretch out for ever. I mumbled something, but I really wanted to scream and yell. I had been going through hell and no one had asked. No leaders had called me or checked to see if I needed anything and none of the bishopric had spoken to me either. For all that time I had believed that they didn't know and that made it more understandable. But finding out they did that was just, well it's a bit hard to explain.

Yes for those of you who haven't guessed I'm on a bit of a downer at the moment. It just with the car, grumpy + mum and some other things, stuffs starting to get a bit on top of me again. Especially as Mum is going on Holiday for two weeks and asked me not to mention it to Dad specifically, and when she's away if he wonders where she is to only 'suggest' that she's gone away and leave it at that. To be honest I'm going to try and not get pulled into anything. I'll just play dumb,,,,,,, ( no smart comments anyone)


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