Sunday, October 31, 2010

Well it was technically a lie in

Well the clocks went back last night/early this morning which meant I got an extra hour in bed, so I techncially had a lie in. Or rather I would have if I hadn't still woken up at 7am! Gah!

I'm on a odd series of shifts next week, as one of the guys who works in his team has a wife who is expecting, so he need to work as many early shifts as he can so he can park down at the office so if he does get a call he can leg it as fast as possible. So to help him out I've swapped some of my days this week, so I have one day of early shift, then the rest of the week will be mids. Which although confusing is all in a good cause after all :-)

Of course work will probably be quite boring tomorrow ( we hope) after Fridays excitment which has turned out to be perfectly justified as it was really a bomb! Knowing you were that close to a bomb no matter how small is more then enough to give you a little shiver.

I don't know if it's the weather but we have only had one set of Trick or Treaters this year which means we have been left with a massive pile of chocolate. I think I might try and persude Grumpy to let me take into work to give out to the team as it won't be good if we keep it all here for ourselves.


Later folks

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