Thursday, October 28, 2010

Putting the world to rights

Sometimes at work we have really in depth conversations about the latest news, tv show, relationships etc that go on and on, are really in depth and really intelligent.

Today wasn't one of those times.

Among the various topics discussed today we theorised why if wiley coyote can purchase all sorts of things over the phone to help him catch the roadrunner why doesn't he just order a pizza if he's that hungry? How does he pay for everything? And has he been ever able to get a refund?

If you can be damned by association why can't you be saved by association? ( K was especially disappointed by this, he thought that what he would get by being friends with me. he was joking. I hope :-)

Are fox's biscuits really getting smaller or is it just the packaging?

and Is there any team members name that Dee can't fit into a song?


Later folks

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