Wednesday, October 13, 2010

If it's not one thing it's another

Well the plan of once again consistantly blog posting hit a bit of a snag yesterday when our internet connection packed up. There was a few moments of concern that during a massive cleaning binge Tap Dance might have accidentally pulled out the cable which for various complicated reasons is now hanging in the hallway.

She hadn't as a long search tracing the cable through the house, complete with a bit of cursing as I tried to balance the two doors currently in the office so I could see the wall (don't ask) revealed everything was still connected. So I concluded it was a temporary service outage.

Which still hadn't fixed itself by this afternoon so with no other option I decided to revert to the classic Engineseer approach. Disconnect everything, reconnect it, then turn it off and on.

And whatta you know it fixed it!

Despite my optomisim on Monday the light in the bathroom still hasn't been fitted which means at night we're having to leave the door open so we can see what we're doing. Fortunatly Owen doesn't come into the bathroom whilst your "occupied" but it can be a bit off putting as he likes to put his head road the door and watch what your doing.

Still it's minor inconvienance for having a working toilet again.

Work was extremely busy today and a little frustrating as there were a lot of issues that were just out of my hands to be able to fix ( and a couple which were just plain bizare but I digress).

Institute was also interesting as we have a new American Student who will be studying in Loughborough for a year who turned out to by a friend of Nemesis!

It really is a small world isn't it? Especially when it comes to church related things.


Later folks.


Anonymous said...

During my mission we had a bulb in our bathroom go on the Thursday evening before Good Friday; absolutely nothing was to be open until the Tuesday. Not wanting to listen to my companion straining on the toilet and making the flat smell, I resolved to find a temporary solution. I emptied out one of those miniture jam pots about 25 ml. filled it with olive oil, then put a hole in the lid, and cut a bit of cloth from an old sock, put it in the oil and pulled some through the hole to act as a wick: hey presto we had a lamp for the bathroom! Just an idea!!

Nemesis said...

Oh good, I'm glad she made it safely! Meant to give you a heads-up to look out for her. :-)

Saxon said...

She seems really nice Nemesis and already seems to be making friends. JH bought her up to insitute.

Saxon said...

it's a good idea Anonymous. If the lights don't go on this weekend I'll give it a go.