Friday, October 01, 2010

Tick Tock

In my current department I am finding that Fridays can be extremely variable. Sometimes you get good Fridays, other times not so good Fridays and then others times..... well I'm sure you can guess where I'm heading with that train of thought.

Still todays rather violitle morning was more then made up with the team "Fuddle" we had ( for long non long term readers of those of you have simply forgot a fuddle is essentially a big buffet where everyone taking parts bring something. Kind of a BYOB style of vibe, although in the case the bottle could be anything from cakes to cornish pasties :-) We had decided to throw one as our current senior is being rotated to another team in the building. This isn't a uncommon occurance, the seniors are usually rotated every three months or so as it allows them to build up a valuable bank of experience with different teams and different roles.

Okay it wasn't much of a excuse to throw one as lets face it, he's not leaving and in all likelyhood we will see him again in a few months anyway but it was still fun to have a fuddle.

I'm on lates next week, which are good because I get a nice lie in, but only for three days and I'm off on the training course next Thursday and Friday. It's at a hotel in Northampton which we got to see for the first time today. It's very, very nice. We also don't have to go in uniforms which is a bonus. Although looking at the training schedule it's going to be very, very packed.


Later folks

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