Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just keep on rolling

I don't know what's it's been about to day but I've been most certainly suffering from a "mid week slump" feeling.

But to be honest the day didn't get off to the best of starts when I got outside to get into the car this morning to go to work to discover it was completely iced over. Cue frantic search in the garage as I tried to remember what the heck I had done with the de-icer!

By the time the car had de-iced I didn't have enough time to go the long way round to work so I had to go over the back roads, which made me more then a little nervous as I had no idea if the roads had been gritted. So I just took it nice and slow and tried to relax the death grip my hands seemed to have on the wheel!

The downside of all this tension is that my shoulders have felt like a solid iron bar all day and my shoulder has started hurting me again :-(

Time to find the heat pack out me thinks.

The mid week slump might also have been down to the weather as it has pretty much sucked today.

Of course tomorrow it is supposed to get worse as it's supposed to snow and snow isn't good. I mean while your at work, if it wants to snow while your on holiday or at the weekend so much the better :-)


Later folks

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