Saturday, October 16, 2010

Putting some light on the subject

Thanks to the services of one rather good electrician we have one major change in GeekTowers this evening. Yes we have a light in bathroom!! And not just any light one with a pull cord dimmer switch! Which the electrician admited he had never seen or even heard of before.

The addition of a light means that we can now close the door in the evenings which I'm sure we'll disappoint the ever so inquisitive Owen. We're still going to have to wait for another week for the shower to be refitted as their going to have to do some fairly major rewiring meaning half the office is going to have to be ripped up. I don't mind having to wait for another week as the bath should be usable shortly as their putting the last sealent in tomorrow. Six weeks without a bath in the house is quite frankly long enough! The trips back and forth to Tap Dances house were starting to grate as the relaxing effects of the bath tended to disappear by the time you had driven back.

Still the lack of bath and shower was nothing compared to the problems they've been having with the toilet! They had to strip it down again as some of the parts in the cistern weren't working, it got Grumpy and I worried we might have to do without a toilet again! as during the build they had to remove the old toilet to lay down the new floor tiles, and although we should have only been without the toilet overnight as the tiles dried (no one could walk on them whilst it dried), the stuff holding them to the floor promptly failed to dry for four days which meant by the time they could come back and install it we had been without a toilet for five days. Fortunatly with Tap Dance living in another house we were able to go across and use her facilities last thing at night and then first thing in the morning.

So this renovation has turned into just a little tiny bit of a slog. Still the main thing is it's almost finished and we can start to put the house straight again as the various tools and supplies start disappearing.

One thing it did make me realise that between the early starts to let the builders and electricians in, having to go across to Tap Dances, the training course for work, the YSA convention day and being on the early shift at work anyway I really can't remember the last time I had a lie in where I could wake up in my own time as it were rather then be woken by an alarm.

Still looking at it in a postive way it does mean the next lie in I get will be extra, extra good :-)


Later folks.

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