Monday, November 01, 2010

Putting to good use

Thanks to the complete lack of trick or treaters this year we found ourselves with rather a lot of chocolate to get rid of. Fortunatly Grumpy let me take it into work for the rest of my team who were rather please to get a nice huge pile of sweeties which were most importantly free!

Which did a lot to help some peoples morale as it was a especially hard Monday morning with our patience be tested to the utmost for the first couple of hours.

Fortunatly after the mess of Fridays evacuation we were handed a lucky break. Nearly three quarters of european countries were off on a Bank Holiday today which gave us valuable time to get things back under control after the almost total loss of the day on Friday for work purposes.

We've had the electrician around today doing the last couple of bits of wiring that need to be done in the Garage. He's just got to come back and rewire the phone connection for us, as the wire for reasons best known to the last owners went right up the stairs, around the hallway and around each door before finally coming into the office. Of course with the building work on the bathroom it had to be pulled off the wall and has remain drapped over the bannister ever sincer ( we keep leaving in fear that Owen's going to chew on it!) Instead the electrician will be feeding it up through the floorboards directly into the office which should make things just a little bit easier.

With the sort out of the airing cupboard contents finished ( with a lot of help from Tap Dance a lot of stuff ended up in charity bags!) we're going to be going out to buy some new bits and pieces and the weekend ( only after I've finished helping to clean the chapel mind you) We only need to get the shower mounting put back in and the new doors fitted upstairs and all of the major stuff will be finished. We'll then get onto the really fun stuff and the hall is now in need of redecoration and the bathroom door and windowsills need painting again as well.

That should be more then enough stuff to keep grumpy out of trouble :-)


Later folks.

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