Friday, October 15, 2010

If theres something strange in your neighbourhood

There have been weird goings on our street this week. Mainly from the neighbours which started in the very early hours of Tuesday morning when we were woken by a loud series of banging and drilling from next door.

Grumpys first thought was something was going wrong with the pipes due to the recent building work we've had done. I assured him that this wasn't the case, when he asked how I knew this I pointed out that when pipes start making knocking sounds they don't usually do so in a well known rhythm of tapping.

Just when we thought it had stopped and we went back to bed it started again. We were debating whether to go round there when it stopped again. We then turned the lights off when somebody came out of the front of the house and shined a strobe light at the house ( not a especially powerful one but still annoying).

They quickly legged it inside before we could get downstairs, leaving us unsure of what to do next. We waited for a little while in the dark before going back to bed, but we stayed dressed just in case anything else happened. Suffice to say I was not with it at work that morning.

now the parents didn't seem to be there when this all kicked off but have come back since, which has left us in a bit of a quandrey. Do they know what happened? Do we say something, but by saying something would we make things worse? Or by not saying anything would it let them think they can do what they want?

It's all terribly perplexing. Grumpy pointed out that maybe they'll move out and we'll get new neighbours. Which wouldn't help our sense of paranoria as we've had four different sets of neighbours since we've lived at geek towers. I wondered to Grumpy if we were just cursed or maybe there was someway we were upsetting the neighbours that we didn't know we were doing.

Grumpy suggested maybe it was all the wild drunken and debauched parties I throw that annoys them :-)

We have the builders and electricians in tomorrow for what we really, really hope is the last day of building work because after four weeks and five weekends I am starting to get fed up of it. I just want the shower and bath back! This is one of the occasions I am glad Tap Dance lives in another house so at least I can pop over there.

I pointed out that things would have been a lot easier if we had done this whilst Elder Engineseer still lived in geektown and he was even closer. Grumpy suggested ( in jest of course two weeks ago) that maybe we could ask if he could come home early and move back to geektown and all our problems would be solved. I simply advised him not to get his hopes up.


Later folks.

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