Saturday, October 02, 2010

Not seeing clearly now

Hi everybody,

Well posting might become a bit ad hoc this week as it will depend on if I have chance to write a post while it's still light. As right now we don't have any lights in the study and trying to type by monitor Light always give me a headache. Still it could be worse, I could not have the lights in my bedroom like Grumpy who will have to get ready for bed using the light from the landing.

In case you were wondering we haven't had a major breakdown in the electrics here in Geek Towers. It's to do with the building work we are having done on the bathroom. Basically the seperate toilet and bathroom are being combined into one, and as part of this somewhat belately the ceiling has been replaced. This means the light has had to be moved, and in order to do this the power to a "circuit" has had to be cut off and this circuit as well as being the source of power for the lights in the bathroom also powers the office and Grumpys bedroom.

The new ceiling has to be plasted and painted before the new light can be fitted which will be done by next weekend, so we're just going to have to work about the non lighting for the next week as unsurprisingly the builders have more important things to do first. Like putting the new toilet and sink in :-)

later folks

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