Saturday, October 23, 2010

At least we know the answer to one question

We can never find staples aroudn the house when Grumpy needs them to use in the stapler. Every other time we usually have tons of the things but when it comes time to use them, POOF! They've all upped and vanished. From time to time we've had explanation suggestions from Aliens to Owen is eating them when we're not looking.

Well I seemed to find where a lot fo them have been going. Down the Back of Grumpys desk as we had to move it for the first time in several years today to give the electricians space to work. We also found a lot of other rather randoms bits of pieces down the back of there as well!

Still the work is now finished. apart from one slight problem where they noticed a smell of gas coming from the meter! Which meant we had to call the gasman out to come and look at it. Which meant we were treated to the rather funny sight of three workmen all trying to work in the hall at the same time.

We now have a new light in the lounge, a light switch in the loft so no more scrabbling about with the extension cable and most importantly the shower is now fitted and once again working. Although due to a small oversight in the refit of the bathroom and us forgetting to check before the builder left, the fitting to hold the shower head was not refitted to the wall. Which means we can use it as long as we hold it. No standing under the shower without having to hold it over your head for the time being.

Although we had problems this evening when we realised that after the work on the gas, the pilot light in the boiler had gone and neither Grumpy or I had the slightest clue how to relight the thing! We eventually found the instructions but they didn't seem to be working. Grumpy said we should give it one more go and it did light. Whata you know he was right!

Wait don't tell him I said that.

We were glad to get the boiler going as it's getting very cold tonight. It will probably be icy in the morning and I'm sure that will mean only one thing. No heating in the chapel! Well it's not like the heating will be on when we actually need it would it? :-)

Later folks

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