Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm doing nothing then at least I'm doing nothing wrong

I found myself pondering today why all news had to be bad. Why is it that the worst stories are always the biggest news when nice stories tend to be regulated to the smalelst amount of space possible?

Is it just how the media has evolved? Is it Human nature? or is it one of those things that no one can ever really explain?

Or maybe the bigger question is why was I spending time pondering that?

On facebook today it was only a matter of time, but someone has finally invented a app to tend you when you are removed from somebodies friends list. So before you just had to guess who it was that no one wants to talk/be friends with you, you can now be 100% accuratly informed who no longer likes you.

I think I'll just stick with guessing thank you very much.


Later folks

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Big Ron - The Don said...

I think that's what was so appealing about the Chilean Miners story. It was such a positive news story that is almost impossible to find any negatives in.

As you it is unfortunate that the percentage of positive news is dwarfed by the negative.