Sunday, October 17, 2010

Interesting. Very Interesting

Well the national YSA conference is on the move, as they've just announced that next years conference will be in Nottingham. Assuming that theres not about to be a radical rechanging of the rules or a whirlwind romance ( chance would be a fine thing :-) next years conference will be my last one.

I'm on the 9 to 5 shift this week, which I haven't been on for oh quite sometime. Mainly as when newbies come into the department they are given that shift so they are around when the maximum number of people will be in the department to give them a hand. It will be followed by a 9.30 to 5.30 week before I go back onto earlys again. I have found that I prefer the early shifts to the others, although lates are my next favourite as at least they give you a lie in :-)

I've been spendng a large amount of time this weekend doing yet another clear out. It's amazing how much junk you collect especially down the back of wardrobes and chest of drawers, as I had to do some serious moving of bits around to allow the electrican easy access to all of the plugs in my room, and every other room as well, but for the purposes of this rambling paragraph the focus is directly on my room.

Anyway I found all sorts, from a old letter from uni, to a old key, to a book to the piece of paper that Nemesis first wrote her blog address on, so I could locate find and read it.

I'm sure a whole lot of others bit and pieces remain to be found as I will be shortly going on a remodelling spluge once the bathroom is finished, and we get Grumpys office back in order.


Later folks

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