Sunday, October 24, 2010

There's even a day for that

It seems that these days there is a "day" for everything. Alongside the traditional Fathers Day and Mothers day, you now have days Grandparents Day and Talk like a pirate day. Well a new one has joined this list ( according to facebook and if it's on facebook it must be true! or is that wilkipedia?). Yes apparently Friday 19th November is National Hug a mormon day!

And no I am not making that up ( unlike the organiser it seem :-)

We're getting some help from inspector Gadget tomorrow to take the last items of rubbish down the tip as the two doors are just a little too big to fit in Grumpys car. Physics suggestion of sawing the doors in half would have worked if we actually had a saw big enough!

I also had to try and take down a shelf in the garage today as Grumpy needed it mvoed so the electrician can come back and fit a nice new light in there. Unfortunatly it al lwent horribly wrong as when I finally managed to get the first set of screws loose ( they were rather rusted) the other screws popped out of the wall and the shelf started to come down on my head and it wasn't a light shelf. Even if I had let go there would have been no way for me to get out of the way without getting significantelly clobbed! The shelf was made from a heafty bit of wood. I had to try and hold it in place with bth hands whilst trying to kick the kitchen door to get Grumpys attention. Which didn't work for sometime despite Owen going nuts. Grumpy finally realised andcame to the door and came out to help, only after pausing to put some shoes on! The downside of this little adventure is that I've agravated my shoulder again!

Time to find the heatpack me thinks

I'm on the mid shift this week which means that although I don't get a really long lie in I stil lget more then the one I got last week. The downside is it means I'm not going to be getting hom til 6pm! C'est la vie I guess :-)


Later folks.

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