Thursday, October 21, 2010


Despite use of a heat pack my back ( the bit across my shoulders) is still as sore as anything. This in turn meant my shoulder started hurting so I probably ended up looking more then a little crazy at work as I kept shifting around trying to loosen my shoulder up. Becuase irony being what it is, it's my left shoulder and of course I'm left handed.

Still only one more day until the weekend. Of course no lie in on Saturday mind you as the electrician is coming to do the final bits of work to make the house fully compliant with what ever piece of legislative mumbo jumbo it has to comply with. In fact I think I'll actually have to get up earlier then I have been this week for work!

Weirdly enough.

Still it does mean that the shower should be fully functional and usable once again, a fact of which I'll be very grateful for.


Later folks.

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