Thursday, September 30, 2010

This is sparta......

In the past couple of weeks I've found that I've been reading even more then usual and that my attention has been firmly focussed on history books. With the best English Civil War, the Tudors, Military history and 20th Century history books all throughly read I have been in search of new topics.

And I've found that my attention has been going further and further back towards ancient times. I've been reading books on the romans, greeks and the Spartans. Although I was only able to find one book on the spartans and I have to admit that it was bit dissapointed in the book as a whole and the content as the writers style was obivously intended for those people who unlike me can't devour history books in one go and prefer to get things in (Very) small bit sized chunks.

I'm now on a book about Spartacus a very good read as it turns out despite the limited historical material there is on him, plus of course that most of the evidence that does exist comes from the victors side. Grumpy was actually surprised that Spartacus existed as he thought he was a myth.

I simply told him that he was mythtaken.

he, he, he..

Work was it's usual busy self today but the whole day I had the feeling that there was something I was forgetting, that there was something about this date that I should be remembering. A quick look through last years blog posts and I suddenely remembered what it was. It was precisely one year ago today that I left for work at 7,45am and was back home by 9.45am. Yes it was one year ago that I was taken into a room and told that I was being made redundent.

I guess it's probably a sign of how things have moved on that I couldn't remember it! It made me consider what had happened, am I angry about it? No. Am I bitter? Not about what happened as a whole, a couple of things that happened afterwise still sting a bit but not as much as I'd thought they would now. Do I miss it? Sometimes. But sometimes a outside view can make you see things clearly rather then through rose tinted glasses.

Time moves on. They moved on and so have I. My current job is very different but it's a lot of fun not to mention very challenging sometimes, always pushing me and testing my strengths.. Plus it's given me a lot of opportunties, I've had a ton of training courses, I have my next one next week where I will be away for two days and will come back a Certified International Specialist ( don't know what the training involves but you have to admit it sounds cool) plus I figured out that I've had more pay increases in the past 11 months then I had in the previous seven years. That coupled with the significantly shorter travel distance means I have a few more pennies each month shall we say then I used too.

anyway, enough dwelling on the past, only one more day until the weekend.

Later folks!

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