Thursday, June 29, 2006

"Tell it to the claw."

( see I said I would keep using Futureama quotes)

Feeling contemplative today, I found myself beginning to ponder some of the great mysteries of life. Why do women always seem to go to the toilet in pairs? Why is it impossible for men to answer any of the following questions correctly " does this suit me? What do you want to do? What do you think?" Also why are lights always red when your in a hurry and always green if your not. and do the idiot drivers only seem to come out in the worse driving conditions?

and why in our staff canteen do they always run out of bases for the good boxes long before they run out of the lids. Seriously there are always at least twice as many lids as there are bases. Why? I've never yet seen anybody taking food away with no top and surely the canteen must order equal numbers of both. It's very strange. Maybe we've got a infestation of Grots in the ceiling who are using them to build their own space hulk, who knows? But like all of the other great mysteries of life and the universe I'm fairly certain they will never be solved.

We finally found someone with quicktime on their computer so we were able to watch a teaser trailer for Spiderman 3. It was a perfect teaser trailer,so much so we all want the movie now!!!! I don't think I can wait another year. It looked goo00000ooddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I've been busy trying to clear all of the work I can do before I'm off on Holiday next week. Not sure what I'm gonna do with my time asides from taking the car for it's MOT. I suspect I'll probably spend most of the time trying to sort my room out. Although the emphasis is on 'trying too'. I have waayyyyy too much junk. I'm gonna have to try and be strict with myself and throw stuff away I don't use anymore. All those of you who think I'll manage this raise your hands ? No? No one? well that's good coz you agree with what I think my chances are of doing that as well , he, he, he, he, :-)



Nemesis said...

How sick is it that when I read you talking about having too much junk my eyes got all big and I cried, "Yay, a purging! A purging!" I myself am a pack-rat, but I do get a big kick about every few months of going through and throwing away things that I don't need. Then I flatter myself that I'm about to begin a new and streamlined Zen existence.

It's even more fun to sort out and throw away other people's stuff, though.

Saxon said...

well I usually go on the timetable of evey few years.

I tend to go through my stuff by myself as the last person who offered to help, well I think their still in their somewhere under all that junk :-)