Saturday, June 24, 2006

Diary of a unconstructive morning

7.15am: After twelve days of hard working straight, I manage to wake up at the same time as during the working week.

7.16am: decide to try and go back to sleep

7.25am: Realize I'm probably not going to get back to sleep. Decide to try counting the marks on my ceiling.

7.30am: already fed up of counting marks. I have way too many, I decided to read a book instead

8.15am: seems to be working, almost dropped back off to sleep

8.16am: Father decides to come bursting in to announce he wants to get to shops nice and early as he has lots to do today.

8.30am: find myself in car, hoping it doesn't start so I can go back to bed

8.31am: car decides not to listen and starts

8.32am: Find myself wishing for all of the shops to have gone on a simultaneous strike.
8.50am: Reach Loughborough to find this isn't going to be my day and all of the shops are open. Especially interesting in the Iceland Car pack, is the fact that it is full up of 'shoppers' ten minutes before the store opens and no one queuing outside. Amazing how many invisible people drive cars and go to Iceland!

9.01am: Find myself at the customer service desk in shop trying to get replacement for Dad's DVD.

9.02am: Find myself trying to explain to assistant why no DVD's in case is not good.

9.03am: Try explanation with words or two syllables or less

9.04am: I try to resist the urge to smash the customer service desk up, as the assistant still hasn't got it.

9.05am: Enlightment strikes and the assistant realises I'm saying that there were no DVD's in the case.

9.08am: finally get replacement DVDs.

9.09am: Have to return to customer service desk as alarm goes off when I try to enter store as he forgot to remove the security tag.

9.10am: finally leave shop vowing never to go in there again.

9.11am: Go back into shop as I realise I forgot to buy magazine and they are only store around who stock it.

9.30am: If money makes the world, then my world has just come to a screeching halt. Get very nasty surprise when checking account. Payday can't come too quickly

9.45am: immediately break attempt to conserve money as I see books I want in bookshop.
After much wrestling with my conscience justify it to myself, then I'll just spend the money next week anyway, and this way have books a week early

9.55 am: start shopping. Should be cheaper as no need to get 'main' bit of dinner for any day this week as freezer is already pretty stocked.

10.10am: Finish shopping to find that, no it fact it isn't any cheaper. Spend next five minutes trying to figure out what I've done wrong.

10.15am: Can't be bothered to try and figure it out anymore, decide to leave shop to go to car park when I’m sure Dad has bought the car round.

10.20am: still waiting

10.25am: still waiting

10.30am: still waiting

10:35am: Dad finally arrives and we load up car. Decides very charitably that I should drive home, especially kind considering my knee is hurting again.

10.45am: finally manage to fight way through Loughborough traffic after moaning about all the other idiots on the road, but then realise I'm probably also a idiot to someone else.

10.55am: get home and unload shopping. Dad takes car down town to post some things and get the items I should have put in with the shopping but didn't as my psychic powers appear to be on the blink as he didn't tell me.

11.15am: after putting the washing on, vows to do something constructive.

11.16am: starts to play Halo on computer.

12.45am: turns game of in disgust as can't get past certain level, as it's too hard and I'll never be able to do it.

12.46am: turns game back on sheepishly as I realise I did do the level easily last time before I had to replace computer.

12.55am: Dad heads out to go 'meet' a 'friend. He is still worried that I’m agent of MSA so won't tell me who or where.

2pm: watch new DVD

5pm: finish watching new DVD. Realise afternoon is a write off and that my vow to do something constructive has once again gone out the window. Put another load of washing on.

6pm: makes vow to try and make sure that I’ll actually manage to do something constructive next week instead.

6.30pm: realises that next weekend will probably be like this weekend, but at Least that means I’m consistent.

8.01pm: wonder which route YSA went on for there hike and if they were able to walk off mountain or had to be carried off



sam said...

We computer types write software to count the marks on the ceiling while we sleep.

This makes us feel clever but superfluous.

Saxon said...

hmm. another piece of software that does what it's supposed to but has no real point.

Not working for microsoft now r u?