Monday, July 03, 2006

and we're back on the air!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the internet! I’m back! I’m sure the handful of you who actually read this blog and or take any notice may have seen my last post was on last Thursday. Has the rot set in already? Am I already fed up writing this thing????? Erhh no. To use the highly technical definition Dad’s computers power supply went boom! Fortunately DL had a spare power supply and he very graciously swapped it round for us. Although I did get lost on the way to his house. I kept driving round and round looking for c avenue and despite my best efforts just could not find it. I then suddenly noticed C drive. So as you might have guessed DL’s directions are on an effectiveness par equal to SW.

Well the car went in for it’s MOT and passed, yahhhhh!!!!!! Well technically not on it’s first try, as one of my front tires was below requirements and the other one was only just above. So I to go and get a replacement tire before it could pass the MOT and I decided that while I was there I might as well get the other one done at the same time. Wasn’t too bad £80ish for the pair which Dad assures me was quite good and he’s even going to pay for one. So rather then spending £120 in two hours I only spent £80 technically. Still not good but not as bad I suppose J The car still has one minor problem though it wasn’t enough to effect MOT but it still needs to be fixed before it changes from minor to major, but that’s gonna have to wait till next payday.

Well made a start on the room. Sorta!! Been going through my book collection. Not entirely sure but I think I’m gonna be looking at 200+ books in total. Wow!!! Where the heck did all they come from? Downside of getting so many free books I suppose. Wow isn’t my life tough J but still got a few more days to try and sort the rest of the stuff out.

Well even though not everyone is commenting on my posts (hint, hint!), I have installed a counter which means I can see people are actually coming to visit. Wow, slightly scary that people are actually reading this. Whether they can actually understand my ramblings is another matter, he, he, he. I even got mentioned in Nemesis’s blog. Next thing you know people might actually start asking me questions and then where will things end?

Anyway, M.R is back from his mission and C is back from her travels, so Loughborough YSA is actually growing again. We had a huge class for Sunday school and CE taught a fantastic lesson. He even mentioned about dating and said that if weren’t dating why not ? (Interesting question, wish I had a answer) and we should be (easier said then done).

We went to Beacon Hill in the evening and although there was only me, ES, AF and Nemesis we had a really good time talking. I even took some pictures of the great view and of Nemesis and ES stuffing their face with cookies. Heck if I’m even feeling suicidal enough I might actually post them… he, he, he, he, he

And can’t think of anything else at the minute. So till later!!


Nemesis said...

Dude, did you have to mention the cookies? This after I write a blog post all about how I stuffed my face during the England match . . .

Saxon said...

well it was such a good hamster impression I thought I just had to mention it. Don't worry. I won't post the photos.

probably :-)