Monday, June 19, 2006

Lets do the Time Warp again, again (??)

Well the title says it all, again I'm retroactively writing about something which I'm not sure if..................... Oh wait don't want to get into that again otherwise I'm going to be really confused.

Anyway, Saturday morning started off bright and hideously early. My elbow was still killed me and I noticed I had a huge graze and red mark over it, and my shoulder was bruised quite badly as well. Mental note, must thank Scott, either that or kill or seriously injury him back. not sure which will be the more fun or get me into the least amount of trouble.

So off to Loughborough train station to catch the train and I was hideously aware of the large amount of cash I was carried in my bag as the 'float' for our retail stand. I just kept thinking, please don't let me be unlucky and a mugger have a very good day. But as dad was keen to get the shopping done, and be rid of me as soon as possible I arrived hideously early for the train and Dad disappeared gleefully off into the distance with the car for the weekend and was obviously already making plans. Unfortunately when I signed up to do the event I had forgotten it was Fathers day on the 18th ( yes, I know I know I should have checked please stop shouting at me all at once), but on the way out of the door I left Dad's present and Card on his bed so it would be a nice surprise for when he got back.

Anyway I was waiting for the Train in the glorious sunshine and this old couple sat down on the bench next to me, and one of them suddenly said " Oh it's that guy from GW", Huhh? what? that was a little creepy, a random person knowing who I was(well sorta) and I resisted the urge to announce I was actually my evil twin brother and had never even heard of GW. But fortunately they got the hint and didn't say anything else. The train arrived on time, remarkably enough and I found my reserved seat, and even better the person who had reserved the seat next to mine, never showed up. So I had lots and lots of leg room and as the seat still showed and reserved no one tried to sit down there and as they didn't ask I was going to tell :-) Despite all the bad press the trains get these days it was actually a very nice coach.

So I got to London and met up with K , who was the other poor unfortunate, erhh I mean willing volunteer and we heading off on the tube to wg, which we were told was the nearest tube station to a p. Although we also discovered the first 'sign' that maybe sods law was going to leave us alone for the weekend when the tube passes we received were only valid for one day. I then foolishly decided to hope that that would be the one and only problem of the weekend. Yes, yes I know I should really know better.

So we get to wg to discover that yes it is in fact the nearest tube station to A p. unfortunately what the guys who told us to go to wood green forgot to add was , " it's the nearest station If you then take a bus or taxi". We didn't know this and walked. And walked. And walked. towards the top of a very tall aerial we could see in the far distance. Which as it was extremely hot, there was no shade and we had to trudge up the slowest and longest hill you can imagine what I felt and probably smelt like by the time we had finished lugging all our gear up to the palace and we hadn't even started putting the damn stand up yet!!! K actually has video taken on her phone of the trek. Maybe if I figure out a techie way to show it people can even see it, so I hope there is no techie way.

So we're eager to put the stand up and discover although our stock has arrived, we have no cloth for the table so we can't start setting up. But we do have great fun putting our display board and trying to get it upright, the things taller then me and I'm 6ft or so, and K is shorter then me at least, well I think, so you can imagine the fun and games we had trying to stand it upright. Well the cloth arrives finally, after one bright spark remembers which stores store it had been shoved it into. But by this point we decided we wanted food and trotted off to the bar . Not to say the prices were high, but it was a good job K had her credit card because I wasn't carrying any gold bullion to pay for it in cash and the drinks were titchy as well.

So we then spent the next two hours setting the stand up. highlights include setting the spinners up, upside down and having to hand fold nearly 80 t-shirts which had been lovely screwed up and stuffed into a box by the packers. ( reminds me, must go and display my appreciation for that with a baseball bat)

but finally mercifully, we finished and we got a lift back to our hotel. Which was actually in illford, which is near enough the otherwise of London from the venue( just check a map), which would have been okay if the driver of the mini van hadn't been convinced he was actually piloting a F14. Although to be fair I'm not sure a F14 could have made some of the corners he did.

The hotel was nice, if a little small. The driver passed by it three times without seeing it. But when I got there I discovered that I had been actually assigned a room with a double bed which was incredibly comfy and a ensuite room too. We went and had dinner at a pub next door and the food was good even if the customer service was off ( I won't even get into that or we will be here for twice as long). but suffice to say we got it all sorted and I finally crawled into bed after a long and tiring day. Sure the next day was going to go fine.

He, he, he, he, he, He, he, he, he, he,He, he, he, he, he,He, he, he, he, he,He, he, he, he, he,He, he, he, he, he,He, he, he, he, he,He, he, he, he, he,He, he, he, he, he,He, he, he, he, he,He, he, he, he, he,He, he, he, he, he,He, he, he, he, he,!!!!!!!!

Yes I know after thinking that I should have seen what was about to happen a mile off.

shouldn't I?

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