Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sometimes Bad Things just happen

'Sometimes bad things just happen' Not the most inspiring way to start today's post I admit, but I heard this quote for the first time last night from a young lady who is infinitely more wiser than me, and I thought it a good one to remember in times of 'STRESS!'

Talking of time of stress, why is it? (and I'm honestly not expecting anyone to answer me here, you might but this is one of these great rhetorical questions so I don't think anyone has the right answer, even if they think they might and oh wow look I'm rambling again), we can do organ transplants, launch satellites, go to the moon, build nuclear reactors, create medicines etc, but still no one can come up with a better line that ' It's not you, your really great it's just me'. Why the heck does anyone use that anymore? It sounds trite, condescending and a little stupid.

Why this rant? I hear you ask, well maybe I would hear you ask it if I bothered to tell anyone about this blog, but c'est la vie as they say. Well the 12th sign of the coming apocalypse had arrived and I had summoned all my courage( and the way things have gone for me in the past, that took a while)to ask a girl out, and she said yes. Even though I didn't do it in the best of ways, I did it via text, and before anyone starts shouting, I know, I know I could have done that a lot better.

So she said yes Well initially, but then she cancelled and said she she wanted to reschedule. But I figured out sumthing was wrong last night when she spent a large chunk of the evening avoiding me. So I grabbed her her she was on the way out and she came out with that wonderful line, after saying it would feel too weird to go on a 'date' .

Well honestly I am a bit guttered, coz it did feel like maybe my luck was turning around at last and I much rather she had been honest to begin with and just came out and said it, rather then just avoiding talking to me. Although to be honest with my luck I wasn't expecting her to say yes to begin with. Hopefully the friendship isn't completely screwed but I guess we'll see where things go from here.

But again c'est la vie, not much I can do about it and maybe 'upstairs' is trying to tell me something. perhaps it's just

'abandon all hope'

(kidding, just kidding before anyone seriously start to panic or worry)

As they say, there's someone out there for everyone. I'm just starting to think my 'someone' is living on Mars :-)

Well I suppose if that was the case and we're not send any trials which we can't overcome, I better be off to build a space shuttle.

till tomorrow.


Nemesis said...

I thought it was a good lesson that night too. And ouch about what happened with the girl, whomever she is.

Also you made me laugh with the "abandon all hope" comment. I think the Lord says that in the Doctrine & Covenants somewhere . . .

Saxon said...

you'll have to give me the reference sometime :-)