Sunday, June 25, 2006

and now for another science bit

Okay here’s another science bit, what do you get if you add:

Blog + Tired + not thinking things through before typing them up

Answer = me appearing to be a bit mean and generalist towards girls.

Yes with my usual approach of never giving up and never thinking things through, nemesis pointed out this morning that some of my comments in a previous post could be construed (wow I’m using a lot of big words today) as a little ‘mean’.

After looking back at the post again with the perfect 20/20 hindsight, which no one ever seems to be able to do before they manage to stick their foot in their mouths, although in my case it was more both feet rammed in together there so tightly their half way down my throat! I can see what she means. So I just though I’d clarify that I wasn’t trying to throw all girls into one category and say their all like that, it was just my thoughts and views on how things appear sometimes from my extremely low vantage point on the dating ladder. (Which is somewhere round the earths core I think)

So in future I think I should just try and follow this formula, as I wouldn’t want to loose the one or two readers I actually have J

Idea + thinking things through + typing up = wonder blog + not being generalist

Or I might end up following this formula:

Idea + no thought + putting on blog = crazy blog + crazy mob very upset with me

Knowing my luck it will almost certainly be the latter!

Till later


Nemesis said...

I just saw this addendum. You are very good.

Saxon said...

thank you