Monday, June 19, 2006

Lets do the time warp again !

Well Lets talk about Friday night, although if I'm doing this retroactively, has this happened will it happen, or am I writing this before it happened??? arggh I'm so confused!

Well it was Friday forum at Loughborough, randomly enough. Not sure why loughborough and not one of the stake centers, although I do suspect the hill had something to do with it. A Hill? I hear you ask, well I'll explain that one in a minute.

President Munday was the speaker and he was accepting 'questions from the floor' as it was the 'last chance to see him' before he's released. Wow that makes him sound like he's rock star on his last tour or something. However unlike the rolling stones or cher ( yes, yes bad example I know but it's a Monday morning and my brain is really, really dead at the moment) this really is his last forum as 'President munday'. Anyway it was really, really good, I really enjoyed it and Rachel even popped back to see us which was nice.

For the activity afterwards there were games in the cultural hall or a waterslide outside, which consisted of aHose, washing up liquid, and plastic sheeting going down the hill. ( see I told you I would explain the hill), now knowing me I'm sure you'll know which once I choose to do. and you would be wrong. Yes it seems along with my wallet I also left my common sense at home and decided to have a go at the waterslide ( I'd blame temporary insanity but then I'm already mad. so maybe I can claim temporary sanity hmm??) So anyway I had a few go's, although the first time I ended up going down on my back with my legs in the air and I'm fairly sure someone got a photo of that, which I absolutely don't want to see and I would be really happy if no one else ever saw it too!! Although my bigger concern at the time was that a Japanese whaler would suddenly appear in the car park convinced they was a target for them.

But as with all things when foolhardiness wins out over common sense the inevitable began to happen. Have provided a a fine spectacle for the YSA who did have common sense or claimed they just 'happened to leave their spare clothes' at home, fate decided to lend a hand and the injuries began to mount particurly as a grove worn in the hill meant that we were shooting off the side of the slide into the flower bed rather then off the bottom of the sheet. I can just imagine Bishop Rasmussen's face as he came in Sunday morning to find the new bog which had replaced his flower bed. But I digress ( as usual) The first time I came off the slide to the side I cracked my shoulder on something which hurt. But deciding not to listen to that little voice telling me that was a good time to call it quits I continued. At which point the little voice decided it would call it quits and didn't want to hang around to see the inevitable result which wasn't long in coming.

Of course by this point, I was soaked as was everyone else. I wasn't just wet, I was wet, wet, just been dunked in a ocean for 24 hours kinda wet. So off I went down the slide, and which point Scott decided he was coming as well. as I flew down the slide, Scott connected with me giving me a nice extra bit of oomph's so off I flew into the floor bed, twisting in mid air, while trying to resist the urge to shout ( I can see my house from here.) at which point I hit the ground hard. Unfortunately my arm was trapped underneath me and I hit a stone which went right in on the side of my elbow, which hurt a lot. So there's me lying in the flower bed, arm in screaming pain and I hear a little voice come from the top of the hill " R u alright?", ( why oh why, does everybody ask that when it's blindly obvious you ain't. It was like when I got knocked off my bike and everybody coming past kept asking if I was alright. " Yes of course never better, why wouldn't I be alright after a car hit me?")

at which point I resisted to the urge to use the sort of language which shouldn't be used in polite company, or say something back alone the lines of " No, I'm fine I just love lying in the mud", someone did come and help me up. But it did seem to serve as wake up call to everyone else that maybe it was time to stop doing this in the dark and call it quits before the fun evening was ended with a fun trip to casualty.

So I went to grab my dry clothes from my car and headed inside with Matt, although due to the darkness outside I had to idea just how caked in mud I was. I'm fairly sure I looked like a bog monster and for the second or third time that night to come out with a stupid line like " Urgggh, must destroy man!"

Got changed, did the usual thing off dragging out going home and then I went home! Wow short and sweet end to the evening huh? and before you cheer no I haven't finished.

I suppose the best way to describe it was I had a epiphany. After so long of feeling like the odd one out at YSA activities I suddenly realized that, at that point in time there was nowhere on earth that I would have rather been surrounded by friends who care if I'm there or not ( or at least seem too, I know I know, I'm being cyncial again), and I suppose I felt, well no suppose about it, a deep love for all of my friends and a deep feeling of gratitude that I've been blessed enough to be surrounded by such fantastic people.

yes I know that sounds a bit sappy, but lets just keep this between you, me and the rest of the internet.


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