Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Show me the way to go home. Im tired and wanna be back in bed!

There's nothing like starting the day with a nice brisk walk. Which I agree that probably true, but when you start your work day having to haul a trolley stacked high full of boxes down a busy road to the main warehouse, wearing one of those ever so fashionable high visibility jackets it's kind of hard not to wish that you were back home in your ever so nice and warm bed.

Yes I'm of to a event for work this weekend and that means oh yes, me having to do a whole lot of work, ( which makes a change ) like organizing the stock and dragging it frompoint a to b. At least I don't have to drag it to point C ( in London BTW).

So the weekend should prove to be very interesting. Especially if I can't teach Dad how to use the washing machine, coz if I don't the mind boggles. Remember this is the man who couldn't figure out for ten minutes that irons work better if they are turned on.

The ho hah about 'Big love' is rumbling on. the comments on the Daily mail website are particurly amusing. I'm not going to throw my 2 pence into the ring as some of the comments have already made clear that people are going to believe exactly what they want to believe regardless. Unfortunately I think the damage caused by the program is already done. Unfortunate but until someone invents time machine sod all we can do about it.

Although if you read the comments on YSA they seem to either not give a damn or point out that it's a sign of the times and there will be martyrs before long. Say what???? Have they been eating raw sugar again or something!!! Once again they are successfully reminding me why I gave up on that stupid site.

anyway, I think I'll slip even deeper into rant mode if I keep going so until tomorrow.

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